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Mario Strikers: Battle League Football – Check out all the Hypershot animations here – ntower

The closer the release of Mario Strikers: Football Battle League on June 10 for Nintendo Switch, more tidbits of information and moving material are leaking through various Nintendo channels. After you could score 2 goals with Super Shots in Mario Smash Football and up to 6 goals with Mega Shots in Mario Strikers Charged Football, in the latest installment it’s the Hyper Shots that count as 2 goals. These can now be used by any character, but not at any time, because a hit ball that appears on the field from time to time must be picked up beforehand. Now they were made by Nintendo all hypershot animations posted, which GameXplain edited into a single video:

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In our Special By the way, you can learn more about Mario Strikers: Battle League Football about hypershots and other changes to the game, which have been received positively and negatively by fans so far.

Which Hypershot animation do you like the most? Dare to participate in our survey!

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