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This is how Bitcoin will be taxed in the future

Ripple, Bitcoin, Etherum, Litecoin – the tax office gets its share.
Image: Reuters

Mining and forging as a business, data transfer as a service. The tax office is entering new territory with a letter. A “milestone”, according to the FDP.

DI like it Federal Ministry of Finance (BMF) has published the tax bases of crypto assets in a long-crafted 24-page letter. This is a step forward for German crypto users, although it does not give immediate legal certainty, says Kai Kremer of the University of Münster. “The letter establishes the administrative view. Taxpayers who use it as a guide when filing their tax return can assume that the tax office will accept it.”

Whether the opinion of the administration lasts in the end is something else. This is very clear, for example, with the view that crypto assets are always economic goods. “There is some discrepancy with a Nuremberg Finance Court ruling two years ago, according to which this assumption is not generally correct. However, the general view as an economic good prevails in the literature and in court,” says Mathias Link, a partner at PWC and an expert on crypto issues.

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